What do business leaders have to say about being located in Newport, Maine? Here are comments from some of the growing businesses here in our town....

To find out more about Newport, Maine you may call the town office at (207) 368-4410

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 Guilford of Maine Newport Facility

"The most important asset in any manufacturing operation are people who make the products. The workforce in Maine and the Newport area has given our company a competitive advantage over our competition by being highly efficent and quality conscious. The work ethic of our employees is outstanding and is among the best I have ever had the pleasure of working with."   --Bill Purser, Director of Operation
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 Newport Industrial Fabrication, Inc.

"Newport is located on the interstate for easy access and in the center of Maine's renowned work force. This along with plenty of room to grow, makes the town of Newport the place for my business. -- Daniel Gerry, President
Vic Firth Manufacturing, Inc. Logo

 Vic Firth Manufacturing, Inc.

"Our manufacturing business has been located in Newport for over 100 years. What has kept us here is the positive work ethic of our employees and the abundant natural resources of our state and community. Its an unbeatable combination.  -- Michael Gault, Vice President