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Sebasticook Lake

Sebasticook Lake is the largest lake (4,288 acres) within the confines of an individual municipality in the State of Maine. The drainage area of the lake is 81,056 acres including three major tributaries: East Branch of Sebasticook River, Mulligan Stream, and Stetson Stream. The total drainage area encompasses portions of Penobscot County, and to a much lesser extent, Somerset County. (see graphic below) Nine subordinate lakesheds are found within the Sebasticook drainage basin, including the drainage areas of Pleasant Lake, Nokomis Pond, Corundel Pond, Puffers Pond, Lake Wassookeag, Gould Pond, Mower Pond, Halfmoon Pond and Brooks Pond.

The lake provides for many recreational activities: swimming, boating, fishing, and snowmobiling, for tourism and for residential development. Both the lake and its shores provide habitats for several wildlife species, such as sea run elwives, smelts, smallmouth bass, white perch, black crappie, and many bird species. Sebasticook Lake is easily accessible to many Mainers. Within a ten mile radius of the lake resides approximately 17,730 people.

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Canoeing: Exploring the Eastern Arm of Sebasticook Lake in Newport


NOTICE to all Sebasticook Lake property owners and recreational users: The 2023 Lake "draw down" will commence on Monday, September 11th. The rate of draw down may be slowed or accelerated depending on the weather conditions. All users are encouraged to remove docks and/or watercraft on or before September 11th.