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Public Works

The department's primary mission is to keep Newport's town-owned and operated infrastructure operating and in good repair. To accomplish this it maintains a staff consisting of a full-time director and 3 full-time associates. These staff members possess many years of combined experience and deploy a variety of skills which include management, planning, estimating, construction, vehicle maintenance, welding, and of course snow plowing.


Our scheduled hours are Monday through Thursday, 6:00am-4:30pm. 


The following list summarizes a few of the many activities carried out in pursuit of the primary objective:

  • Estimating cost and resource requirements
  • Management and deployment of available resources
  • Road maintenance & construction
  • Sidewalk maintenance & construction
  • Maintenance of all town properties, including the Town Office, Police & Fire Department, Recreation Center, the Public Boat Launch and all cemeteries
  • Mowing and landscaping of town properties including roadsides, cemeteries, Transfer Station, Rec. Center, Cultural Center and Town Office Complex
  • Emptying trash receptacles
  • Assisting the Water and Sewer Departments with all emergency and routine excavation when needed
  • Snow plowing and sanding of all 54 miles of town roads including some State Aid Roads
  • Sign installations
  • Spring sweeping & calcium maintenance of all dirt roads after privatized grading
  • Maintenance of all town equipment
  • Monitoring of water levels and maintenance of the North Street Dam
  • Additional projects as assigned by the Town Manager