Tax Assessor

2024 Real Estate & Personal Property Taxes are due in 2 installments (September 21st, 2023 and March 14th, 2024)
Real Estate and Personal Property assessments in Newport are done by a State of Maine Certified professional tax assessor (part-time) who has 35 years experience as an assessor in Maine cities and towns. All transactions are computerized with appropriate software. The assessor is appointed by the Selectboard and operates within the statutes, rules and regulations of the State of Maine. Decisions of the assessor may be appealed to the Newport Appeals Board and/or the State Appeals Board.

Real Estate Property assessments are based on fair market value as determined by sales ratios. Commercial Personal Property is assessed from declarations filed each year by owners with the assessor. Personal property is subject to a 100% rebate by the state upon application by the owner.

The Mill Rate (tax rate) in Newport is based on an appraised valuation of 100% of market value. The mill rate in Newport for 2024 is $16.30. The total assessed value of real estate and personal property is $417,481,700.00. The property base is diversified with no single large taxpayer.

Tax Collection
Taxes will be billed in July and are due by the above dates. Tax collections at 2023 year-end average 97% of total billing. All tax collections and billing are computerized.

Real Estate Database:
The links below are to the current Tax Commitment Book and Map and Lot Book for the Town of Newport, Maine.